• M. LE GOFF Jean-Pierre, Directeur Général
    M. SEVELLEC Bernard, Directeur du service formation
    The activity of Hop Training is distributed equally between the training of staff of HT and foreign airlines. HT has 3 full flight simulators. HT provides initial and qualifying training of Commercial navigating staff, cabin crew, ground handling staff and service technicians. (Total 192 courses)
    Quality Assurance :
    Conforme à la réglementation AIRCREW, PART 147, FCL 055, CS-FSTD(A), IATA, CF185/2010
    Credentials :
    80 airline companies in 35 countries


    Aéroport – C.S.27925
    29679 MORLAIX Cedex France
    Capital / Turnover : 1 035 488 €
    Chiffre d'affaires aero / Aerospace revenues : 5,6 M€
    Effectif aero / Aerospace employees : 43
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